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our journey to mana

Hi, I am Vidisha and I am so happy you found mana! Let me help you reimagine your life dairy-free, but first, let me tell you why!

In 2013 – We begin when I was an excited teenager who moved to U.S. to study Aerospace Engineering at
Purdue. Shortly after, I fell severely sick.

In 2014 – Doctors labeled it as a case of IBS and I was facing having to take a gap year or drop out to take care of my health, but something did not seem right. Some tests later I found out I was allergic to dairy. Thus
began the transition to a dairy-free (and plant-based) and healthier lifestyle. I was always an active kid growing up, but this helped me find ways to be active and eat better as a grown-up!

November 2018 – I moved back to India for a fresh start, and subsequently to Bangalore.. But the plant-based options were few and unappetizing. I LOVE FOOD and I craved delicious dairy-free food. I felt a tug toward this cause, but corporate life tugged harder.

March 2020 – COVID brought isolation and a new-found motivation. I could finally let this tug take me places.
Almost intuitively, I began researching and working on what took two years.

July 2022 – Mana’s first product was out after two years of research, branding, packaging – what not!

I started Mana with the hope of giving access to a choice, opening more minds and palates to dairy-free, sustainable alternatives, and bringing joy to those who can’t consume dairy.





& the process

Respecting the time long traditions and techniques of cheesemaking, our selection of artisanal dairy-free
cheeses is made using the same traditional cheese-making techniques. We have gone back to the question of what makes cheese a cheese.

This is why Mana’s cheeses taste unique and delicious – we do not use added flavors, oils, or gums to mimic the ‘cheese’ flavor. Every cheese has a distinct flavor profile depending on the medium and bacterium cultures used. 


Our vision is to provide an alternative variety of cheeses that a larger population
can enjoy, including the cheese connoisseurs. If you’re looking to be pleasantly surprised and love good
food, give them a try! All our cheeses are handcrafted in small batches.

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