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The Ultimate Vegan 'Cheese'?

Updated: Mar 2

There’s a wide range of good quality vegan products now available. We can buy vegan alternatives to all kinds of meat and dairy products. Most are really good, but finding a cheese replacement that matches up to the real deal isn’t such an easy feat.

From plastic-y to slimy, to downright weird tasting, many retailers and manufacturers haven’t managed to get it right. Most of us are still searching for the holy grail of vegan cheese.

Most vegan ‘cheese’ in India is made from soya, starch, or coconut oil. But the move to using nuts (particularly cashews) has prompted several independents to up the vegan-cheese making game. This could mean plentiful plant-based cheese boards on the horizon!

Mana is one such startup aiming to bring tasty cheese substitutes to the market. It could mean that plant-based eaters no longer have to miss out. Based in Udaipur and run by Vidisha, Mana produces artisan products that are sold online and shipped across the country. You can also find Mana's dairy-free cheeses in select retailers and hotels around the country.

Mana aims to make Indian consumers reimagine dairy-free, plant-based food. It can be nourishing, tasty, and good for the environment - all at once!

Come, now - try them yourself.

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