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cream cheese - custom

cream cheese - custom


Same old cream cheese, but now you can customize it! This slightly sour, fermented cream cheese is exactly what you need to add that oomph of flavor to your vegan baked goods.


Baked cheesecakes, cream cheese donuts, Korean buns, or sweet cream cheese with fruits - you name it!


Send us an email or a message on Instagram if you need recipes!

  • ingredients

    organic cashews, filtered water, plan-based cultures, organic rock salt

  • storage

    best eaten within 25-30 days. keep refrigerated.

  • how we ship

    We pack our cheeses in thermally insulated packaging along with ice gels. These are shipped through express shipping to ensure that they reach you in good condition. We bear most of the cost and charge the customers only a portion for shipping charges. Our shipping costs are based on the weight of the cheeses and additional packaging. Following are our shipping costs:

    • One cheese - INR 65 shipping charges.

    • Two to four pieces of cheese - INR 100.

    • Free shipping on all orders above INR 2200

  • net weight

    200 g

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