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Our Story

Mana is a brand of plant-based food products in India that combines food science, great taste, and health.
Our mission is to develop delectable and clean food products, including some amazing alternatives! We at Mana believe that good food brings us joy. Food isn’t just one of the great pleasures of life, but good food is the best kind of art that exists. Choosing to eat healthily or going dairy-free shouldn’t be a sacrifice, especially not that of taste. The brand was born out of the founder’s love for food, science, and the dilemma of not consuming dairy.

With Mana, I want people to reimagine what true dairy-free and plant-based food could taste like. Many people had come across "plant-based" or "dairy alternatives" - but most of those failed to be tasty or healthy - hence creating a negative connotation.

I started Mana with the hope of giving access to a choice, opening more minds and palates to dairy-free, sustainable alternatives, and bringing joy to those who can’t consume dairy.

mana is energy

(Polynesian spirituality): The inherent power or energy of places, things, and people which can
be gained or lost by actions and is closely related to nature.

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